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Your Customers Should be Sold Before They Get to Your Website
by Gary Huynh

You fret over having low conversion rates. You tweak this and tweak that in your sales copy and you just can't seem to sell anything with your sales letter.

I've found that I have higher conversion rates by preselling. Preselling is not selling at all. When people have been presold they trust you without even reading your sales letter.

How is this accomplished?

If you are selling an ebook, give one chapter of your ebook away. Allow your visitors to see for themselves how good your product is instead of telling them how good it is.

In the free chapter that you give away don't reveal everything. Tease them and give them good information but don't review everything.

Jimmy D. Brown calls this technique, the useful but incomplete method. That means your information is useful. Your prospects can benefit from the information, but in order for them to get all the benefits, they must get your ebook.

You have to provide them something in your ebook that will complete the information in the free chapter. After they read the chapter they'll be itching to get their hands on your ebook even though they haven't seen the sales letter.

To help them make their decision easier, list all the benefits of your ebook after the free chapter. Although giving a free chapter will raise your conversion rate considerably, they might need more information from you.

Here's how to raise your conversion rate even higher.

At the end of your free chapter, give people an address to sign up for your autoresponder course. Give the course a name and and set up 5 to 7 messages.

Each day, inform the subscribers about more techniques that you teach in your ebook. Use the useful but incomplete method in each email and I can almost guarantee your conversion rate will explode even without you tweaking your sales letter.

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Gary Huynh is an expert in using creative rebranding techniques to earn money by using 100% free advertising. Get his ebook Rebrand Profits and read more of his articles at http://www.rebrandprofits.com

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