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The First Key to Online Business Success
By Richard Alcebar

For so many newbies out there, 1 out of 100,000 only knows what is the First Key to Online Business Success.

I'm not saying that you are one of those, because I know that you are smart enough reading this article to know the key at this precise moment.

The first most important than Marketing your Product or Service is to have a Good Web Sales Copy or a Good Sales Letter for your Product or Service.

In short, you have to be Good in Copywriting or you Hire someone else who is Good in Copywriting.

You can have millions of visitors to your website but you don't have Good Sales Copy chances are you end up only 0.001% of your 1 million visitors who gonna purchase your Product.

Look at the schedule below for the actual scenario if you have poor Sales Web Copy or Poor Sales Letter for your Product or Service:

1,000,000 X 0.001% = only 10 unit sales

and if your product worth $29, you will have only total sales of just $290 (10 x $29).

Not bad, assuming you purchase or acquire your 1,000,000 visitors for $1000 you have a net loss of about ($710).

Not very bad if you are so lucky to get your 1,000,000 visitors for free!

A good sales copy can convert visitors into buyers by 1%. In short at least 1% of your 1,000,000 visitors purchase your product.

So, if you have 1,000,000 visitors and 1% of them will Purchase, then you will have 10,000 unit sales.

Let assume you have a Product or Service that has a price of $29. You total sales base on 10,000 units sold will be:

10,000 units x $29 = $290,000 total sales

If you have paid $1,000 to get your 1,000,000 visitors, you will have a profit of $289,000.

What if you do this consistently, you will become Millionaire in just a matter of Months!

This is the First Key to Online Business Success - You must have a Good Web Copy or Sales Letter for your Product or Service before you Market them using different Online Marketing Techniques you choose.

If you neglect this key, you will end up with frustrations and finally will give up to continue your Online Business.

Richard Alcebar has Degrees in Accounting & Computer Science, an author, publisher & copywriter. Subscribe to his Newsletter at http://www.bizamulet.com while it's free and Learn How to Start & Market an Online Business Without Paying a Dime on Everything & Privy to the Secrets of Internet Marketing Gurus.

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