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How to Drive Qualified Visitors to Your Site
By Jenny Bosworth

Ever heard the term "sticky" website? Whether or not you know what a sticky website is, you need to have one in order to keep qualified visitors not only coming to your site, but returning again and again.

A "sticky" website has something to lure visitors back. Here are the top five ways you can make your website "sticky":

Free Information

What's the magic word? FREE! Your website should include all the free information (especially how to's), visitors need. This is why so many people include articles on their website. Not only do they flaunt your expertise, but they keep visitors coming back for more of your insights.

Become an Expert

Everyone trusts an expert, so when you include your own articles, proving your expertise, your visitors will come to depend on you for information they can't get anywhere else. When you have proven yourself, people will become your patrons as well as your students.

Update Your Web Content Often.

Have you ever started reading an article on a website, then realized halfway through that the article was written about five years ago? Pretty irritating, isn't it? Needless to say, you probably won't be revisiting that site any time soon.

If you don't have something new to offer at least weekly or monthly, your traffic will dry up. Don't let the articles, tips and features on your site dry up and die. Keep them fresh! If you don't want to write your own articles and copy, have someone else do it for you. Or, copy and paste other people's articles on your site--just remember to ask their permission before you do so.

Host a Website Forum

Host a website forum where people can discuss topics relevant to your site. Forums can get people coming back often, whenever they have a pertinent question.

Publish Your Own Ezine

Try publishing your own ezine and sending it out to people who sign up on your site. You can include articles, quick tips, and even promote your own special offers and sales.

Keep your ezine short and sweet. Many readers are intimidated by long, unbroken streams of copy, so keep each paragraph brief and to the point.

Monthly Special or Free Offer

Make your visitors aware of a monthly special or free offer. Then they will return each month to find out what that offer is. Incentives are one of the most successful means of promotion you can find, so take advantage of this sure-fire technique.

See Jenny Bosworth's famous list of top promotional methods on her http://internetwriters.com. Need promotion help? Jenny also writes professional sales copy, press releases, and articles for DrNunley's. Reach her at 801-328-9006.

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