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Simple Daily Marketing Plan
By Dallas Franklin

Are you looking for some simple ways to market your eBook, eZine or Website? Sometimes we are so focused on searching the Internet for the latest marketing schemes that we omit those simple ones that are in our face. Here's a list of common ones you can incorporate into your daily marketing plan.

  1. Do you get emails from fans with compliments of your book, ezine or Website? Of course you do. Keep a folder in your email program for 'Testimonials'. You can set up a page on your site to show visitors what others are testifying! People always want to know what others are thinking.

  2. Don't forget to add those signature files to ALL your emails. Keep it simple and clear. Too many can be distracting and you lose the chance of it being read. Shorter is always better. Include those links. Let the reader decide if they'd like more information. You provide the key in that signature. A URL link or email address and one line promo will work great. Entice, don't overwhelm.

  3. Subscribe to newsletters and ezines within your niche where you can place free ads or swap ads. Keep a folder of them and then put them to use. Write up a promo and keep it handy for sending to editors. You'll be sharing your ebook, ezine or Website with a much wider audience. This will multiply tremendously through word of mouth too.

  4. Answer those emails! Don't let them sit for days unanswered. We all want to know our mail has been read. Give the person the courtesy you'd expect. It's professional and shows you are true to your product. We can't always answer emails as quickly as we'd like but a good rule of thumb is no longer than 48 hrs. 

  5. Submit your ebook, ezine or Website to 5-10 directories daily. It might be good to start out with five and if you think you can add to it, do so. If not, you're still being productive and you're letting people know how to find you in new places every day. It will bring traffic to your Website and this will bring you sales.

These are five simple easy steps you can do daily. Follow these and watch the results grow. And you still have time to do other forms of marketing or other writings. Remember you never get to live today over again. Make it the best possible day for you and produce the life you want to live. With time, patience and a bit of organizing you'll soon be living that life. It benefits everyone.

2002 Dallas Franklin

Dallas Franklin, Writer and Creator of the writing site designed for Writers. SellWritingOnline.com delivers while you discover how to sell your writing online. Visit us at: http://sellwritingonline.com

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