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Website Marketing/ Promotion

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Recent Additions

Key Internet marketing terms and vocabulary
A lot of times Internet marketers throw terms around and assume everyone knows what they mean. Here is a list written in layman's terms. Some of these aren't the "precise" technical definition. But they're working definitions that are easy to understand.

Successful Internet Marketing – Web Traffic
Successful Internet marketing is generating lots of revenue from your visitors. How is this possible? How can we turn visitors into customers?

Successful Internet Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
How to increase search engine ranking is a major subject as far as successful Internet marketing is concerned. In this article, we look at search engine optimization (SEO).

Successful Internet Marketing – Blogs
Blogs have gained popularity and importance in the Internet space over the past few years. Becoming a blog user is free; people without computer knowledge can set up a blog instantly and start posting messages immediately.

Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.

Podcasting: What is it and how can it help your small business?
Podcasting allows the customer/client to subscribe to a podcaster that he likes and automatically get all the latest information from that person via audio files which he can listen to in his car, take to the gym, listen to on a plane, or take on a walk.

Pay-Per-Clicks . . . One Way to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site
One of the ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories.

The Latest Innovation in Search Engine Algorithms . . . User Popularity
For years, the search engines have continued to introduce new factors into their algorithms to make their search results more relevant and to keep savvy search engine marketers from "cracking the system."

10 Ways to Exceed Your Client's Expectations Every Time!
The following tips are just a few of the things I do as examples of setting my service apart from the crowd.

SEO for CEOs – Search Engine Optimization Unmasked for CEOs
If you feel like you’re standing in a dark room handing money to strangers to get you in the search engines, then this article is for you.

Discover Which Sales Triggers Are Most Effective When Mixed With SEO!
We all know the importance of gaining top visibility to a specific target audience on the major search engines.

Avoid Search Engine Blacklisting
The best way to avoid being blacklisted by the search engines is to avoid using some questionable techniques that were once popular to gain high rankings.

3 Reasons Your Website Might Fail To Attract Enough Customers
Three simple steps you can avoid to get more people to find your website.

8 Ways on How To Explode Your Website Traffic Hit Counter
Every website needs traffic because without traffic it's impossible to sell anything. Here are 8 simple ways how you can get your website hit counter explode. 

5 Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank
Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links pointing to your website from another website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be. Here are some strategies to increase your Google Page Rank.

You Can Build It, but They May Not Come
Making your website attractive to search engines can not only help you get more traffic, but also helps get traffic from people who are actively looking for your products and/or services.

Online Marketing Simplified: 2 Pillars To Your Success
After working to build many businesses from the ground up over the last 10 years, it's more clear than ever that there are 2 main principles that will largely dictate your success in any business. All of the other techniques build on these first two principles.

Website Publicity for Small Internet Businesses
As a small internet business owner, you must learn to use publicity to your advantage. Here are six ways you can generate good publicity for your website or internet business.

Your Customers Should be Sold Before They Get to Your Website
Use a system to change your customers from casual looker to lifetime customer.

The Ten Commandments of Internet Marketing
There are no 'magic secrets', and there is nothing mystical about making money online. Other than the advertising budget, it's a level playing field around the world and anyone, like the self-employed entrepreneur working from home can compete with the "big guys". 

5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Website For Free Online
These are discussed in the article.

4 Easy Steps to Winning Prospects Online!
Here's how to win - and keep - prospects on the web. You'll find that these four steps will give you a really unfair advantage over your competition.

Marketing Your Web Site Offline
Many people believe the old adage, “If you build it, they will come.” But web sites don’t work that way. A web site can be a great marketing tool, if used correctly. Simply, sticking a web site out there and waiting for the customers to start pouring in is not the correct way to use a web site.

5 Secrets To Beating Your Competitors Every Time
You've got to outperform and beat your own competitors, before you become the beaten one. Here are 5 staggeringly simple 'secrets' to winning the race every time.

Marketing Your Website
Many people have the mistaken notion that all it takes is to put up a great looking website on the world wide web and the riches follow. After months of watching no visitors or no sales, many of them will get discouraged and shut off the website. So, what is the magic, if there is any?

How to create your web site marketing plan
Creating a web site without developing a web site marketing plan is the same as planning for failure. A web site marketing plan is essential not only just to survive but to continue to thrive and expand your business. You should spend 80% of your time marketing your web site. It's the life blood of your online business.

Simple Daily Marketing Plan
Are you looking for some simple ways to market your eBook, eZine or Website? Sometimes we are so focused on searching the Internet for the latest marketing schemes that we omit those simple ones that are in our face. Here's a list of common ones you can incorporate into your daily marketing plan.

Developing a Web Site Marketing Plan
Your marketing plan is the compass by which you navigate. As opportunities arise or your business environment changes, the objective and strategies in your marketing plan will point you toward the best action. Without a marketing plan, you risk becoming unfocused in your marketing and are only guessing what might be best for your business.

23 Questions to Ask When Preparing Your 2003 Marketing Plan
Here are 24 questions to consider when developing strategies for your marketing plan.

Your Web Site's Objective
Think of a Web site objective as the "big picture". In general terms, the objective answers the question "How can I use the site to overcome my business's main Internet related challenge?" or "What is the purpose of my site?".

Strategies for Your Web Site Marketing Plan
How strong are your Web site strategies? Do they move your business toward achieving your objectives or overall goals? Think of your strategies as a framework that clarifies the approaches you will take in meeting your Web site's objectives. They are more specific than the objective, but do not include exact details. After developing the strategic framework, you will fill in the details with tactics.

Choosing Tactics for Your Web Site Marketing Plan
Objectives, strategies, and tactics - these are the parts of a solid strategic marketing plan. Your site objective defines the big picture, strategies provide the framework, and tactics fill in the details. Tactics are where the action takes place - these are the things you will do to bring your plans to life.

Web Site Marketing: Ten Golden Rules 
Attracting visitors to your Web site is the ultimate goal of every site owner out there, millions of Web sites all fighting for the same visitors. Many Web sites fail to attract visitors, not because of the sites content or general appearance, but because the sites owners have failed to promote the Web site effectively.

Preparing the Ultimate Online Media Kit
A media kit is a sales tool for selling advertising in your ezine or on your website. It should include everything a potential advertiser might need to know to decide two things.

Developing A Media Kit For Your Advertisers
If you sell services on the Internet such as advertising, developing a media kit is important so that you provide advertisers with all the pertinent information that the may require.

5 Steps for Developing a Tag Line for Your Product, Business, or Website
A tag line is the one or two line descriptor that often comes after a product logo or company name. It is one of those things that looks simple but isn't. Large companies pay advertising agencies a lot of money to develop tag lines for their companies and brands. However, with some creativity and persistence, you can develop your own tag line.

Free Publicity with Press Releases 
A press release is not a sales letter, but rather a brief letter announcing something newsworthy that can be distributed to various media outlets. It is important to distinguish between a sales letter and a press release because if your press release sounds like a sales letter, it will easily find its way into the waste paper basket. It needs to "inform" people, NOT sell them something.

Why You Should Market Your Website (And How To Do It Cheaply)
I’ve been hearing a lot from other online publishers about the decreasing response to their email offers and how many of their customers and prospects aren’t getting their ezines anymore. That’s why I suggest you supplement your online marketing with a bit offline promotion. One of the cheapest forms of print advertising is postcards.

An All Powerful Marketing Principle
Trust is that one single factor that in itself can propel your business empire beyond limits. Online, Trust has always been a major player in unlocking the gates to your business kingdom. With the emerging trends towards believability and honesty, it is even more critical.

The Most Powerful Marketing Method Ever Invented (Joint Venture Marketing)
Joint Venture Marketing just may be the most powerful marketing method ever invented. It is the strategic use of a companies underutilized assets to make profits that they did not make before.

Website Promotion With Email Marketing
Email marketing can be a very effective tool to inform customers of future events, or attract new customers by increasing awareness about what your site offers.

A Simple Guide To Search Engines
Search engine marketing is a highly effective method of driving hordes of targeted visitors to your web site if you achieve good rankings on them.

Search Engine Submissions Made Easy!
One area of search engine marketing that has changed dramatically over the years is submissions. Submitting to the search engines used to be so complicated.

Top 10 Tips for getting potential clients to your website
Tips for getting potential clients to visit your website.

Turn Prospects into Buyers
It may take 4 to 7 visits before your web visitors buy from you. New information, regular changes, and updates keep visitors coming back to your web site. As your visitors develop confidence in you, they will be more likely to buy from your products or services.

Internet Marketing - Doing It Like The Big Guys Do It
I would like to share with you some insights into what the "Big Guys" do that the struggling internet marketers usually don't. Some of these things may seem obvious. However, many people observe the obvious, realize what they need to do, and then do nothing. Those who succeed act upon their observations.

"Market Yourself" for a Successful Business
Building an online business takes a lot of work, passion and commitment. You have to "market yourself" in order to build a successful online business. What you need to do is build your reputation and let people get to know you so they want to get to know your business.

Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses
Promoting your small business website in the search engines can be a daunting task. Use of free submissions and link popularity is a good starting point for your website promotion campaign. 

Co-Branding For More Traffic
The opportunity to promote your web site on the internet grows daily. Unfortunately, so do the number of sites that compete for product placement and web traffic. As a response to this increased competition, many savvy marketers are turning to co-branding to provide them with an edge over their competition. By participating in co-branding programs, these web marketers can provide more tools, resources and “sticky” content than their competitors.

Hidden Secrets to Internet Marketing .... A True Story!
With millions of web sites on the Internet (and every one of them competing for the almighty visitor), we are literally being pulled in 50 thousand different directions by Web masters all wanting us to visit their web site.

Magical Words Make Your Site Sell!
You can read magical words all over sites that sell. Even search engines record and display these special words. Every part of e-commerce requires the use of these magical words or sales on the internet would be very few indeed!

The Power of Free Ezine Advertising
One of the best ways to test an ad for any of your products or services with minimal risk is advertising in ezines that offer free classified ads. This eliminates any financial risk and the only investment is your time.

The Three Markets of the Internet -- Do You Reach Them All?
Did you know there are three completely different markets on the Internet? There are three sets of people, three ways of viewing advertising, three ways to look at everything. Now ask yourself, do you market to them all?

How To Drive Qualified Visitors To Your Site
Ever heard the term "sticky" website? Whether or not you know what a sticky website is, you need to have one in order to keep qualified visitors not only coming to your site, but returning again and again.

Mastering The Internet's Two Sales Methods
There are only two ways to sell things on the Internet. There may be a dozen different ways of marketing them, but when it boils down to making the actual sales, there are just these two. Instant Excitement and Earned Association. With the right plan, they can be integrated.

Pull More Profits From Your Website Even With Low Traffic
I've outlined 5 different ways I've pulled more profits from my sites with low traffic below.

30 Tips To Create A Profits Explosion On
I put together the thirty Profits Explosion Tips below to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I ran into on my way to finally understanding what it takes to profit on-line.

The All-Time Champion Business Building Tool
If you want to make impressive progress online quickly and effectively ... if you want to build your traffic and sales as fast as possible ... if you want to create valuable long-term relationships ... then pick up the telephone. You'll find you often get important results in minutes ... not days, weeks or months.

7 Essential Steps to Web Site Promotion
Web Site promotion should be the major part of your web site marketing plan. It's not enough just to design a beautiful web site and put in on the Net. Promoting your web site has to be done constantly if you want to get a continuous stream of traffic to it. If you don't drive traffic to your web site, your online business venture will soon fail.

The 10 Success Basics For Your Online Business
There is no such thing as failure. You have to take action to do what people call "failing." If you take action you'll learn something. If you apply what you learn then you didn't fail and you learned a way to not get where you want to go. You learned something you know to not do again.

The Truth About Online Advertising
Though I don’t profess to be an ‘advertising guru’, yet there are certain things I have learned the hard way while advertising my own website and Newsletter.

The First Key to Online Business Success
Only 1 out of 100,000 knows the First Key to Online Business Success. The first most important than Marketing your Product or Service is to have a Good Web Sales Copy or a Good Sales Letter for your Product or Service.

7 Bullets to Making an Easy Sale
The article shows how easy it is to actually make a sale when all its pieces are in place. Using these 7 bullets, anyone can turn his/her website into a 24x7 sales clinching empire.

Why Aren't They Buying?
You've polished your sales page over and over again until it's gleaming with benefits. You're getting plenty of traffic. And still - no sales. What's wrong?

Glossary of Search Engine Ranking Terms
Search Engine Ranking - Glossary of terms used in the Search engine ranking world.

4 Killer Steps To A Targeted Sales Frenzy
Target Your Customers. Yes zero down and pinpoint with accuracy. Grab them. Now how do you find your customers. How do you get highly targeted traffic to your website?

Have You Captured Me Today?
Studies reveal that I'm most likely NOT going to take action the first time I visit your site. Have you heard the statistic that it takes about *seven* contacts before prospects are ready to buy? So how can you get the chance to contact me another *six* times? The answer is to CAPTURE me, that is, get my e-mail address. To do this, you'll have to offer me something valuable in return.

Using Meta Tags Wisely To Attract Search Engines & Visitors
In this article, I will be discussing about meta tags. How to use the them effectively without spamming. Its not just another article about meta tags.

9 Easy Ways to Skyrocket Your Online Sales
Implement these proven marketing strategies now to increase your online sales!

10 Power-Packed Promotion Strategies
There are many ways to creatively and affordably promote your online business. Here are 10 most important methods.

Nine Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Web Site
The author offers nine ways you can promote your website or small business inexpensively.

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