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The 3 Most Important Things In Your E-Business!
by Edward Immanuel

Well, I was about to write my weekly column and bang comes an email from my friend who is little too confused about the site he is working on right now.

Here he is with a working site with moderate to decent traffic and little or no conversions.

After going thru his site, I gave the following questions :

a. Are you one step away from profits? Here he is trying to convert the visitor into buyer and there is no strategy to capture the visitors email address to follow up marketing.  Either thru pop up or pop under, it is always better to try and capture the visitors email address.

He can offer a 5 part course delivered thru an auto responder and may be over a period of time, he can generate the all important trust and then make the sale. After all people buy from people they trust.

b. Are you too graphic rich? Well, graphics is good and it makes your site looks great. But my friend's site is too much graphics to distract the visitor. I was not surprised at the conversion ratio at all.

Cut short graphics to absolute minimum and remove all and any distraction. Make the copy flow from bullet to bullet and the chance for conversion will definitely increase.

c. Do you really believe you have a great product? I was actually surprised to find the guarantee to be 30 days. My friend can die for his product :). Well not exactly. When I asked about the guarantee, he said he does not want to take the risk of refunds.

I told him when he can swear on his product why don't he extend a 12 months guarantee.  He stands by his product and it delivers in all it claims to be in the sales copy and he has a lot of very satisfied customers. There is absolutely no reason for him to fear. If anything, it will only increase the conversion substantially.

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