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Does Your Submit Button Say Submit?
by Gary Huynh

I've gotten 50 to 100 percent higher click through and response rates simply by changing the wording on my submit button.

It's amazing what you can find out by testing eh?

I've discovered that people need a stronger call to action than simply "submit". The word doesn't invoke any motivation for me to click on it.

"Subscribe me" is a little better but not much.

You need a stronger call to action. I use "Load my pockets with cash Gary". It's more dynamic, lively, and enticing. It makes people feel like they're talking directly to me.

It's simply different. It makes them feel like they're not at a website. When you see a submit button, it automatically signals "I'm at a website" because most websites use that word. Don't use "Load my pockets with cash [your name]" unless you're offering some advice about making money.

Don't use a long sentence either. Just hit them with a short, quick and powerful call to action.

Make them want to fill out the form and give you their email.

If you're giving out a free report then use

"Send me my FREE report, [your name]"

To them it seems like you're standing right in front of them and they're talking to you. The more personable you make their web experience, the better your response.

Also, with the above call to action, I make it sound like they have ownership of the report already by using the word "me and my".

Use call to actions in ALL of your buttons and links. Always remember, does the button or link by itself, give the visitor any motivation to click?

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Gary Huynh is an expert in using creative rebranding techniques to earn money by using 100% free advertising. Get his ebook Rebrand Profits and read more of his articles at http://www.rebrandprofits.com

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