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5 ways to get more results from your web copy

by Vanessa Selene Williams

1) Don’t just emphasize benefits. Emphasize value as well.

Let’s say you’re selling a new product. Let’s call it popcorn facial masks. Yes, you should emphasize that’ll these exfoliating scrubs will make you look younger and sexier. Now, let’s pump up the copy with some value in dollars and cents.

Announcing Popcorn Facials. An innovative new scrub that uses the exfoliating power of popcorn to smooth away your wrinkles and dead skin cells. With Popcorn facials, your skin will look sexier, younger, not to mention yummier in a matter of days instead of weeks. Best of all, as a new customer, you’ll receive this popcorn facial mask for only $4.95…that’s an astounding $10 worth of savings.

2) Keep it short. Keep scrolling to a minimum.

The more they have to scroll, the more customers you’re likely to lose. If you have long pages of copy and pictures, consider breaking it up into separate pages. Or, you can place internal links within the copy. Alternatively, you can place a table of contents at the beginning -- Anything that’ll keep your customers from strolling because of excessive scrolling.

3) Be eye-friendly.

Nothing instills eye fatigue like a block of seemingly endless black and white text. You can beat this by including bullets, pictures, indented paragraphs, etc. White space breaks your copy into more manageable chunks.

Your reader will be grateful and more likely to read your copy because the task won’t seem as daunting.

4) Get attention with your headlines.

Think of your headlines as shortcuts. At first glance, these informative nuggets should give your customers a one-sentence summary echoing your customers' thoughts, “How does this benefit me?” Without the headlines, your readers will be likely skip over the most important information in your copy.

5) The golden rule of copywriting...Tell them what to do!

A necessity, it may seem pushy but a call to action is a must needed statement in your copy. It should tell the reader not only what to do, but also how to do and when to do it.

For instance, instead of saying click here say, “visit this site today for the latest advice and best tips on how to lose 5 lb in less than a week…” The more specific you are the better.

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Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for consumer magazines as well as for small businesses and corporations. Visit her online at http://corp.vswilliams.com

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