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Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks!
By Livvie Matthews

Studies have shown that while 75% of the people read headlines, only 25 % keep reading "the rest of the story". Breaking it down even further, you have about 4 seconds to convince that reader to read on!

When writing, the two most important elements are your headline and your opening statement. These two elements must stop your readers in their tracks!

Headlines must grab your readers attention. Just as you only get one chance to make a good first impression, you only get once chance to grab your reader's attention!

For example, when you read an ad, you don't read it just to be reading, you read it because you are interested in it. Something about it grabbed your attention.

Since your information will be read only by interested people, the purpose of your headline is to pick out those who are, or can be, specifically interested in what you are talking about.

You want to grab their attention and if you can create curiosity, that's even better. Curiosity your reader can only satisfy by reading your information! People are so hurried and they are not going to give you their time unless you make it worth their while.

Make your headlines draw your readers interests. Emotions motivate and sell. Use words that invoke emotions and that clearly describe the benefit to the reader in terms of action! Reinforce major benefits and points. Your headlines should either conceal an interest or reveal an interest.

Spend time learning to use power words. These words are known to trigger emotions and bring about desired results. Power, appearance and greed, are all powerful motivators. Also consider basic human motivators such as physical, safety, social and esteem.

Power Words would include: Dynamics, Money, Sure-fire, Innovative, Specialized, Bonanza, New, Breakthrough, Soar, Affordable, Effective, Savvy, Crucial, Rewards, Harness, Unleash and the most powerful word of all....Free. These words make it difficult for your reader to just pass by.

One, two and three word headlines are the most powerful. Smile! Got Milk? Just Do It! These are examples of one, two and three word headlines that have been powerful attention getters plus, made a dollar or two.

People do not read ads for amusement or to be entertained. They read ads because they have an interest. Their "hot buttons" have been pressed.

If you are writing advertisements, this is the one time you are not trying to build a relationship with your reader. You are selling a product, service or information and if your ad doesn't get their attention, you won't make a sale, it's that simple!

I spend more time on creating the headlines for my articles than I do the articles themselves. Because without the right headline, viewers probably are not going to read the information contained in the article.

Don't misunderstand here, your content must be of quality and of interest to the reader, but if your don't pique your readers interest in the headline, you most likely will have lost your reader.

Readers will decide at a glance -- by your headline or your opening statement--if your information interests them. Address the people you seek and them only by..... Stopping Them In Their Tracks!

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Writing Headlines That Scream *READ ME!*
Bottom line, the headline of anything whether it be an magazine article, newspaper column, web site, etc., is the *most* important factor in the selling process. If you don't capture the reader's interest with your headline, it doesn't matter if master copywriters wrote the rest of your advertisement.

Closing With A Powerful Postscripts (P.S.)
Did you know that having a postscript (P.S.) is one of the most important aspects of a successful sales letter? The P.S. is just as important as headline to a sales letter. Many marketers even consider their P.S. message as their second headline because out of all the items in a sales letter a reader reads, it is the headline and P.S. message that are read the most.

Killer Ad Writing...Your First Step.
So how do you create Killer Ads and Ad copy anyway? Some say that it is your "Headlines" that can make or break you? Others say that your "Call to Action" statement really makes the difference. Sometimes even a "Killer Headline" and persuasive call to action statement will Net you very poor responses to your ads.

Livvie Matthews, Internet Business Specialist, Consultant and Author helps people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building relationships while building their business! Visit http://www.simplebizpublications.com and Market Your Goldmine! 

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