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How Benefit-Rich is Your Site?
By Dale Davis

Getting hits but few sales? Spending valuable time and money on traffic generation with little profits to show for it?

Well maybe it's time to re-examine your site and punch up your profits with benefit-rich copy.

90% of the sites in the web are nothing but a dry, lifeless list of inert features. Does yours fall into this category?

Here's how to fix it now.

A feature tells what a product or service is. It describes the product. Like...

Search Engine Submission Software

This gives you an idea of what the product is, but people don't buy based on features. People buy based on benefits. Or what the product will do for them.

Always remember a feature tells what it is. And a benefit tells what it does. Is vs. Does.

Let's take this example and make it benefit-rich copy.

Fast...Easy-To-Use Search Engine Submission Software.

Increases your visibility. Builds more traffic and bigger profits automatically!

Read the original then read the second example. Which one compels you closer to pressing the order button?

This is the power of benefit-rich copy. It makes all the difference between having a web visitor vs. having a customer.

Use this quick formula to convert your features to benefits.

Feature + What The Customer Gets = BENEFIT

To really add spice to your benefits you'll want to tie them to powerful sales motivators.

People want to...


Save Money


Save Time


Increase Wealth


Avoid Discomfort


Be Popular


Avoid Risk


Reduce Effort

In the improved version notice we added the words fast (save time), easy-to-use (avoid discomfort), builds...bigger profits (increase wealth), automatically (reduce effort). These all help compel a prospect closer to the order button.

Let's take this up a notch. And really get them to order  now. To build believability into your benefits, you must use specifics. Not generalities.

We'll revise the previous example one more time.

Fast...Easy-To-Use Search Engine Submission Software increases visibility 67%. Generates 10,000+ hits per day. Built 237% profit increase for Ohio webmaster ... in just 23 minutes.

See the difference that specifics make? Who could resist a benefit like this?

Take a look at your site today and see how many features you can turn into compelling benefits. You'll increase your sales automatically without any increase in traffic.


(C) 1999 The EMS Group. All Rights Reserved.

Article written by Dale Davis, Direct Response Web Designer...Increase Sales Instantly!; http://www.realwealth.com; main@realwealth.com

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