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Closing With A Powerful Postscripts (P.S.)
By Gauher Chaudhry

Did you know that having a postscript (P.S.) is one of the most important aspects of a successful sales letter? The P.S. is just as important as headline to a sales letter.

Many marketers even consider their P.S. message as their second headline because out of all the items in a sales letter a reader reads, it is the headline and P.S. message that are read the most.

This makes sense because people who come across a long sales letter usually scan the headline and then go to the end of the sales letter because they know the offer will be summoned up at at that point. Almost all successful sales letters have a P.S. at the end of them.

Internet marketers use their P.S. in many different ways. For example, they may use their P.S. to:
bulletRemind the reader to take action
bulletSet a deadline to respond
bulletAdd more benefits to the offer
bulletAdd more credibility to the offer
bulletOffer a free bonus to the offer
bulletWrite about the downside of not ordering

You decide what you want include in your P.S. that you feel will guarantee the sale. You also want to make sure your P.S. is intriguing enough to make your reader curious enough to read your entire sales letter if they haven't already.

Every type of technique that you might use for your P.S. will vary from the types of offers that you have. You can test various P.S.'s to see which one has the best better conversion ratio.

You can even incorporate more than one of the above items into your P.S. message to encourage more curiosity. You should try to close the sales with your P.S. message rather than leaving it open-ended.

Review to the two examples below:

Example 1

P.S. - If you order today, we will send you a free ebook on how to make money with auctions. Click here to order.

Example 2

P.S. - I have your jammed packed package ready to send to you. After you order the package using your credit card, I will send you full instructions. Click here to order.

Notice how the second P.S. actually closed the message by assuming that the person is going to order. The first P.S. left the offer open by suggesting, "If you order."

Some marketers even go as far as adding a P.S.S., which is an additional note after the P.S. I am not quite sure how successful adding a P.S.S. to the end of a sales letter works, but only by testing will you be able to find out.

The nice thing about sales letters on the Internet is that you can actually link to the order page straight from your P.S. message. Include a link at the end or in the middle of the P.S. message to encourage your reader to click and purchase your offer.

Copyright by Gauher Chaudhry

Gauher Chaudhry is editor of Cool Cash Ezine. You can subscribe by sending an email to subscribe@freecoolcash.com with "sub-art" in the subject. Join Gauher's two-tier affiliate program by promoting his latest book "EZ Money With Ezines." Gauher teaches individuals how to make thousands of dollars in the ezine publishing business! http://www.ezmoneywithezines.com

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