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Killer Ad Writing...Your First Step.
By Chuck Crawley

So how do you create Killer Ads and Ad copy anyway? Some say that it is your "Headlines" that can make or break you? Others say that your "Call to Action" statement really makes the difference. Sometimes even a "Killer Headline" and persuasive call to action statement will Net you very poor responses to your ads.

Who are you looking for anyway? Do you really know exactly who is interested in buying your product or service? If not, then you are just wasting your time. Targeting your market with a well defined marketing profile should be your first task before you write the first line of any ads. Remember the old saying, "You'll never get there unless you know where you're going".

Creating Killer ads and ad copy is a profession. You can become a professional once you know the ground rules. These ground rules will constitute your marketing profile statement. Your road map to success.

Sit down and write a marketing profile statement. This may sound very technical but it's really quite simple. All you have to do is answer the following questions.

1. Explain the product/service that your are promoting.

What is it? What does it do? How can it benefit someone? What problems does it solve? Why would anyone want to buy it anyway?

2. Describe the person who might be interested in your product/service.

Who is this person? Why would he be interested in your product/service? Where does this person hangout on the net? What type of problem does this person have that can be solved with your product/service? How much can this person afford to spend for your product/service?

Now here's a little secret that will help you answer these questions. Read these questions several times just before to go to bed. Allow about 30 minutes the next day to start writing the answers to these questions. You may be surprised at the results. After you've answered all of the questions, put it away for a day or two and then review and rewrite.

Now with marketing profile in hand you are ready to start writing that Killer Ad. If you did a good job on your profile, you will be able to get your headline and product benefits statement directly from your profile statement. When it's time to market your product just look at your profile statement to find out where you should market your product.

You can fill out a Marketing Profile Form on-line and have the information emailed directly to your email account. This form will guide you through the entire process. All you have to do is answer the questions. Check it out now. just go to : Profile Form

Now that you "Know Where You're Going" you can get there in record time. Create you marketing profile today and start reaping the cash benefits tomorrow!

Chuck Crawley is a home-based business owner for the last 12 years and editor of the "ADSTPLC Newsletter". The only Free Newsletter that is dedicated exclusively to teaching and informing it subscribers on how to create ads and ad copy that pull like crazy. Stop by, subscribe, and pickup the FREE E-book "The Ad Writing Tips Super Book". Just go to: Subscribe

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