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Your Online Business Needs More Work
By Jean Lam

As unbelievable as it may seem for some, money can really be made online. But to succeed in the online world, a substantial effort, dedication, patience and perseverance are required in order to reap the rewards in the long run.

Below are ten important points to consider if you are serious about making your online business success a reality.

1) Own a domain name

No one without a domain can profit online. A domain is a real estate. You must own one. You must be prepared to develop one. It's very important.

2) Have a professional website design

Amateur design is embarrassing and won't help you make money. If you want people to treat you seriously and regard you as a professional, get professional design assistance.

3) Be hungry

One reason people fail online is because they believe in the "post it and they will buy" myth. The Internet doesn't work for people who aren't DETERMINED to understand it and make it work. You cannot lay back and profit online.

4) Sell value

Some people online sell crap. Crap will never make you successful online, or off. What people want, particularly in uncertain economic times, is VALUE. Value always sells.

5) Target Your Market

A common mistake among some web marketers is not generating "targeted" traffic. Targeting your market can be the sole component to increasing your sales dramatically. It makes a huge difference in the response or conversion rates.

6) Build your database

Building your database and starting an opt-in e-mail list (also referred to as an e-zine or online newsletter) ensures you'll always have a ready supply of prospects to sollicit, and allows you to create a continuous revenue stream that pays off every month with little or no cost.

The fact is, the easiest and cheapest way to get targetted traffic to your site for free is to send an e-mailing to past prospects and clients asking them to check out your latest offer.

7) Get the right tools

These tools consist of an email software capable of sending mass personalized mailing to your subscribers so you can send unlimited non-spam emails.

8) Test different key elements of your marketing

Headlines, appeals, calls to action, guarantees, prices, advertising vehicles, etc. Most marketers either don't test at all, don't test enough, or don't test properly, and as a result get the same mediocre response.

But many ulta-successful marketers test almost religiously, which is a crucial secret to their success.

This is the only secret to Internet marketing. The more you test, the more money you will make, period. Test ads of all sorts, sales letters, ordering systems, angles and everything else that has to do with increasing orders. Set up your website to test constantly right from the start!

9) Promotion

A well devised advertising strategy is the key to snowballing your profits each month. Setup a daily promotion schedule and stick to it. No business can survive without promoting. The secret is consistency. Promote at least once per day, every day to grow your business to mammoth sized proportions!

10) Time, Focus, Automate & Delegate

Manage your business time well, and focus on the most productive activities. Automate and delegate where possible.

Need Help Developing Your Net Business a Reality?

ICBS can help you with all these and more. We wrote the book on ecommerce and ebusiness (SM). Please contact ICBS today.

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2003 by Jean Lam

Jean Lam publishes the Zine Guru bi-monthly newsletter. To subscribe, for cutting edge internet marketing tips, tricks, techniques and secrets mailto:zinegurunews@getresponse.com and receive a FREE valuable ebook on Free Traffic Generation. Check out also his internet marketing resource site at http://www.zineguru.com

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