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Your Content Could Be A Hidden Treasure
By Gauher Chaudhry

In the early days of the Internet, it was very lucrative to set up large web sites with many pages and sell banner ads to generate revenue. In fact, for some web sites, banners ads was the sole revenue source for the company or individual.

Now that banner advertising has basically gone belly up on the Internet, many marketers and companies have walked away from these money losing web sites without realizing that there is still a potential to make money. They just leave these web sites sitting on the Internet collecting cyber dust while they pursue other online ventures.

Information is still and always will be in demand. You can still take the information at these sites and convert them into many unique products that can be sold at a profit.

For example, there are many former ezine publishers who gave up publishing long ago that still have archives of old valuable information. It wouldn't take that long to create an ebook of all these old articles and sell it for a profit.

Why not turn some of your content into an audio course? You could easily compile some of your articles into a short audio course that could be part of a series. It is not very expensive to do this.

A lot of marketers are now taping interviews with other marketers and selling them as audio courses over the Internet. You can create these files as streaming audio or convert them into MP3 files.

Since reprint rights are very popular right now, you can even sell the reprint rights to your content to other marketers. Not only will this mean bottom lone profits for you, but your content will reach even more people.

This means more exposure for you.

Many smart Internet publishers are now converting their content into online calendars and screen savers that people can download for free. These kind of software programs also get passed around. With your web site or name plastered in these programs, you will get additional exposure for free.

One of my own entertainment web sites that I created a few years back had been sitting around making me very little money. I was seriously contemplating selling the domain name and all the content on the site. I advertised the sale of the site on a few web sites dedicated to "selling your web site", but I received poor offers.

The site had taken me years to build and I knew it was worth a lot more than the offers I was receiving. I wanted to test the revenue potential so I took a risk and contacted a major publishing company and asked them if they wanted to publish the content on the site into a book or calendar.


I just recently received an email from the publishing company and they replied that they love the content and would consider turning it into a book that will be sold internationally.

One simple email is all that it took. I said to myself when I sent the email, "What do I have to lose?" That little bit of courage now means thousands of dollars in future profits and major international exposure.

The other day, a major cell phone company here in Canada has launched new services on their cell phones such as horoscopes, trivia and jokes that subscribers can receive. I thought to myself that my content would fit in nicely alongside these new services.

What am I going to do about it?

I am going to approach this company next week and see if they would be interested in licensing my content. What do I have to lose? If they say "NO," then it is not a big deal.

The point that I am try to get across is that you should never underestimate your content even if you feel that it is worthless.

A famous saying is, "One man's garbage, is another man's treasure."

You might think that the content you have is useless to yourself, but don't underestimate the number of people in the world that might actually value your content.

Copyright by Gauher Chaudhry

Gauher Chaudhry is editor of Cool Cash Ezine. You can subscribe by sending an email to subscribe@freecoolcash.com with "sub-art" in the subject. Join Gauher's two-tier affiliate program by promoting his latest book "EZ Money With Ezines." Gauher teaches individuals how to make thousands of dollars in the ezine publishing business! http://www.ezmoneywithezines.com

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