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What Do The Successful Web Sites Have In Common?
By Niki Mcelroy

Most successful "Home Grown" websites have several characteristics in common. They are:

  1. They got started. 

  2. They don't get discouraged by mistakes. 

  3. They learn from there mistakes. 

  4. They remain persistent in reaching their netrepreneur goals. 

  5. They focused on one thing and did it to the best of there ability.

  6. They seen what the competition was up to and used it to there advantage. 

  7. They educated themselves with the best marketing strategies and techniques. 

  8. They used advertisement in many forms. 

  9. They chose something of interest to keep themselves from losing interest in there project. 

  10. They didn't fall prey to those who told them they were wasting their time and money.

I strongly suggest you would do the same. After all, work should be something you enjoy, not dread. If you can't enjoy what you are doing it will be difficult to motivate yourself to continue on when problems arise.

1.) Lets elaborate on "they got started". If income or lack of money is stopping you from getting started, don't let them. There are plenty of web site hosts out there that offer free hosting. It is a good way to get a feel for what you are doing before you start paying for hosting. The more you learn as you go, the better off you will be reaching your goals creating a living online.

2.) Don't get discouraged by mistakes. You've most likely heard that phrase for most of your life! Even if you haven't you will know that is easier said than done. I will give you some suggestions to help you resist discouragement.

Start with keeping your main goal in mind. Use prayer as your main tool for talking with God. Read positive quotes and articles. Keep them posted where you can see them. Keep them in your pocket when your out and about so you can review them.

Don't talk to people about what you are going through who have a negative outlook on life. Instead talk to people who will listen objectively and have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in their own life.

Sing songs of encouragement. Create a tape or CD of them so you can listen to them when you start feeling down or discouraged.

Just by following these suggestions everyday you will keep a positive outlook on reaching greatness. You will be redirected from discouragement and be able to handle problems with a lot less stress.

3.) Learn from your mistakes, don't let them rob your vision from you.

Fact is everyone and every company makes mistakes, no matter how big or small they are. The successful ones don't let those mistakes distract them from there objective.

Go over what went wrong look for the flaw in your flawless plan. Have someone with an objective opinion review the mistake and see if they can give you their input. Have several people do it if you can. Even the negative ones. If you have the budget, hire a consultant.

4.) Persistence is the key in achieving what you want out of life, out of your business, out of your web site, and in reaching your goal. If some one says "no" or things just aren't going as you planned them, remain persistent! Ask the question again and again until you get the answer you want, "yes". Keep trying until you get the results you were looking for.

Find new ways to approach the problem. Find new ways to ask the question. You would be surprised how just changing the way you ask a question will change the response you get.

5.) Focus on one thing and do it to the best of your ability. In this case we are referring to your web site. Pick a topic, be it poetry, your art work or crafts, or information you feel will be of interest to other people. Specialize in this topic to the best of your ability. Consistently keep yourself educated in your area. Things are always changing and so does what people want.

Place surveys on your site to find out what your visitors like or don't like about your site. Take this information and use it to increase your knowledge and enhance your site for your visitors enjoyment.

6.) Know what your competition is up to. Your competition in this case is web sites that are similar to yours.

See what their site looks like and make yours better. Offer more detailed information then they are. Offer better discounts.

See what they do to advertise. Subscribe to their news letters. Start one of your own and make it better.

Optimize your site to come up before their site in search engines. See what their customers are saying about their site or their service. Again strive to make yours better!

7.) Finding the best marketing strategies and techniques are dependent on your needs. You may want to hire an advertisement company or try it on your own. If you hire some one who is an expert in there field your results will be much quicker. If you do it on your own and research the topic of what the best marketing strategies and techniques are, it will take a little longer. Either way will work and will most likely be dependent on your budget or your time.

8.) There are many different forms of advertisements. Don't use just one and hope it will work magic for you. I would suggest using several of the best ones. News letters and word of mouth are a great place to start. When people like your site make, it easy for them to tell there family and friends by clicking on a link. Make it easy for them to sign up for your news letter. Use visible links, forms, and pop up or unders so they know you have one.

Use banners and link exchange options. Create a link that lets others know how to link to you. Create an affiliate program if you have something to sell. This allows others to market your product with little to no effort on your part. You could offer a percentage or flat fee for any sale made through there link. Use your imagination and come up with other creative ideas of your own.

9.) Choose something that will hold your interest no matter what might happen to discourage you. A topic you love will work wonders in helping you enjoy your work. If you hate pets, but love music. Then choose music. You know what gets you excited and interested, and that's what you should base your site on.

When you make a great site you will have no problem selling advertising space on your site to make extra money. Others that enjoy your site will know that what you have to offer your visitors will keep them coming back. It will show in your site if you care about what you are doing or not. So make sure your enjoying yourself!

10.) Don't bother listening to people who are telling you you are wasting your time and money. They may have your best interest at heart, but they don't know what your path in life might hold for you. Follow your dreams with persistence. Never let anyone discourage you from reaching your goals in life. You might be the only one who sees potential in what you are doing, and that is all that matters!

Live your life to the fullest and always enjoy what you do. Having other people tell you what you should do with your life is not always the best for you. Know what you want to do and follow through with it. Don't listen to the negative comments that others might have.

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2002 - 2003 Niki Mcelroy

Niki Mcelroy is the owner, editor, and webmaster of http://www.freeandfrugal.com/articles/menu.html. She runs a Christian based freebie news letter, a weekly inspirations E zine, and a news letter to help business owners increase there sales, traffic, and subscribers. 

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