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How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?
By John Colanzi

How bad do you want to succeed?

Is success something you truly desire and are willing to work for, or is it just an idle dream?

Sadly for most it's just a daydream. The vast majority of people who come online believing the net is paved with gold, end up sadly disappointed.

Why is that?

They aren't willing to pay the price. They just don't want it bad enough to pay the price.

Brothers and sisters, there is No Free Lunch. There is no magic bullet.

To make money online requires as much work, if not more than you're presently putting in at your nine to five.

Not just work, it also requires tons of study. How can expect to beat the online new business failure rate if you're not willing to learn what it takes to succeed.

Would you expect to open a law practice, without going to law school?

Would you start performing surgery without going to medical school?

Of course not!

Well smack my wrist and call me shorty, why on earth would you think you're going to get rich online without learning your business?

If you're not willing to learn before you earn, you're guaranteeing your failure.

Once you've finished feeding your head, the next price is gaining experience and taking full responsibility for your success or failure.

The ride up the hill isn't always easy. You may take two steps forward and then one back.

That's the first test in your quest. Are you willing to keep going after that one step back or are you going to do what so many who never accomplish anything do?

They start screaming you can't make money online. They start sucking their thumbs and cry poor me, everything is a fraud.


If you're not willing to do some time in the school of hard knocks and learn from your mistakes, you might as well not even start.

You aren't willing to pay the price.

Finally we come to the big ticket item. Are you willing to take full responsibility for your success?

Being willing to take full responsibility is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

I can tell you right now, from some of the emails I receive, many marketers have a problems taking responsibility.

They want me to guarantee they'll succeed. They want me to tell them how much they'll make.

I can't do it. I don't know how much they're willing to work at their business.

I don't know how much time they'll spend feeding their brain.

Most of all, I have no way of knowing if they have the persistence necessary to dust off their bottom and hop back up when they get knocked down.

Only you can decide if you're willing to pay the price necessary to succeed.

Everything in life worthwhile requires paying a price. Whether it's those goodies you think you can't live without, or your new business venture.

There's a price to be paid.

Are you willing to pay it?

I know you can succeed, but you're the only person who can guarantee you will.

Wishing You Success.

Copyright (c) 2002 John Colanzi.

John Colanzi has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use mindset medication to join the ranks of the successful, prosperous marketers.

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