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Tips For Beginning E-zine Publishers
By Ken Hill

Publishing an e-zine is a terrific way to increase your profits online by successfully staying in touch with your visitors, prospects, and customers.

To help you get started on the right track, I've provided the following tips to help you successfully publish your own e-zine as well as help you successfully promote your e-zine once you begin.

Choose a publishing schedule and stick to it. When deciding on a schedule, keep in mind what day is best for you to send out your publication and when you will have enough time to properly format and edit your e-zine with the least distraction.

Use a listserver that allows you to double opt in all your subscribers by having them reply to a confirmation message or by clicking on a confirmation link.

This will ensure that all your readers really do want to receive your e-zine since they asked for it twice, and also provide proof that all your subscribers truly are opt in.

Limit your use of different fonts and bullets. Keep your e-zine easy to read.

Keep your line length to 60 to 65 characters per line when publishing in text format. If you plan to publish your e-zine in html, give your subscribers the choice of which version they want to receive.

Provide your readers with a table of contents so that they can quickly go to the parts of your e-zine that most interest them.

Along with your subscribe and unsubscribe instructions at the end of your e-zine, include your copyright notice, and also let your readers know that they can forward your e-zine in it's entirety to any friends or associates that they think will like it too.

Submit your e-zine to directories that list e-zines for people to subscribe to, and also to e-zine announcement lists.

Swap ads with other e-zines. This is a good way to get an ad for your e-zine out to readers already proven to be interested in what your e-zine offers.

Write your own articles. Writing articles will help you to establish and continue to re-enforce your status as an expert in your field to your subscriber base.

Use the title of your feature article as the headline of your e-zine along with the name of your publication.

Submit your articles to other e-zine publishers. This is a good way to give your future subscribers a taste of the fantastic content that can be found in your e-zine.

To get your articles to the most publishers, submit your articles to both article announcement lists and directories, in addition to individual e-zines that accept article submissions.

When choosing which articles you've written to submit for publication in other e-zines, choose articles that you have already run in your e-zine so that you will always be giving your current subscribers first look at your content.

2002 by Ken Hill. 

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