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Seven Simple Solutions to Success are not Secrets
By Teresa King

Marketing on the net is one of the most rewarding challenges that you can ask for. Many people don't succeed. Are you one of the people that just can't seem to make it happen? Or, are you on the road up and now need some success secrets?

Well, whatever your goals are, here are seven solutions for you to improve your all around success.

1. Attitude - Your attitude must be that of a winner. When you are selling something on the net, you must believe in what you are selling. You must never let anyone else stop you from your dreams. Say it out loud, "I am a successful person."

2. Desire - When you want something so badly that you can taste it, then you have the desire that it takes to go out and get it. Do it!

3. Planning - Your daily plans need to be written out on a list that you will follow religiously. When you are you own boss, be a good Boss! Would you have an unproductive person working for you?

4. Working- To be successful you must work. A friend once said to another friend of mine, "I wish I could play the piano like you do." His answer back was..."No you don't! If you did, you would work for it like I did."

It was a little harsh, but can be applied to many things in life that you "wish" for.

5. Polishing - Your Web Site is your net presence... if it is filled with whistles and bells and hard to read, you have fallen back at least seven steps in planning your success. Study headlines and why they work to grab a person's attention so they will keep reading. A site with a great headline is more apt to be read.

6. Your own Product - Get your own Product and wrap it around some respected affiliate programs...or just sell your own product. Your own product is a must have. You sell it, you keep the cash. You need to set your product up for affiliates. Affiliates make you money.

7. Pricing - When pricing your product...think success. People pay for what they want. Don't cheapen your product by putting too low of a price on it and don't under pay your affiliates.

8..... Hey, where did number 8 come from? 8 is a good number...Seriously, get up and make your surroundings successful. What if someone was to walk into your house this very minute. Do you look successful? Sometimes, it takes an outer appearance to make that strong feeling of success happen. Basically, my grandma said, "Soap is cheap... elbow grease costs effort."

c) 2001

Teresa King is a successful entrepreneur who works at home http://www.tipsfortop.com

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