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Starting an Ebiz: What Should I Do First?
By Darrell Finkeldei

Earning income on the Internet is NOT rocket science. Anyone who has a great enough desire can do it. And your success isn't dependent on skills you already have. Rather...your success is dependent on what skills you are willing to LEARN.

The most important thing you can do to get started is just this: GET STARTED! Don't worry about everything you DON'T know. You get started with what you DO know and LEARN what you don't know as you go along.

The biggest question that most people face when getting started is "What do I do first?" The answer is...


There are some decisions you MUST make BEFORE you get started and there are decisions you will make as you begin to learn. Let's discuss a few you should make right now:


Have you ever started a trip without having a destination? Of course not. So why would you start an Internet business without knowing what you want to accomplish?

You need to have a clear idea WHY you are doing what you're doing. Otherwise you are just fumbling about with your efforts.

Take some time right now to set a six month goal. Be realistic. Your long term goal my be to replace your full time job but it's not likely that will happen over night. (Six months IS overnight on the Internet!)

A realistic short term goal might be to earn $1000.00 in commission from affiliate programs. What's realistic for YOU can depend on other decisions...


Take out your household calendar and business calendar and look over your weekly commitments and activities. Is there TIME available to devote to an Internet income?

If so, how much time? If not, are there activities that you are willing to give up? Be HONEST here! There is no need to start something that you don't have (or aren't willing to make) time for. You will just set yourself up for failure.


This is literally the "Million Dollar Question". While the Internet offers a way to earn income on a "shoestring" budget..."IT AIN'T FREE!"

Outside of the expenses that you will have for a web site and hosting you will achieve faster success by studying some of the great "how-to" books from the Internet's legitimate successful people.

Watch out for the "scams", though. Look for authors that are recommended by many web sites. Books that are recommended by many different people are your best choice. Most web site owners CARE about their reputation and will not recommend inferior products.

I have purchased an entire library of "how-to" books over the past couple of years. Most of them good ones. Don't be afraid to invest a little money here and there for good information. Just don't fall into the trap of buying everything you see. Set a budget that is right for YOU and stick to it.


Here are the decisions you should make about starting your own business on the Internet. I trust that you spent some time on this. If you didn't, I want to stress how important it is that you do so. Spend enough time to be satisfied that you have given serious thought to:
bulletWhat You Want To Accomplish
bulletHow Much Time Can You Devote
bulletWhat Kind of Budget Is Right For You

When you are satisfied with your decisions....


There is something about the act of committing your intentions to paper that reinforces them in your mind. It gives them "reality" and "weight". You may think this is silly, but you will find that ALL successful people do these kinds of "silly" things. And I assure you that their bank balances are NOT in the least bit silly! Just do it!

Darrell Finkeldei publishes "The Start Advisor" newsletter. Discover how to succeed in your PERFECT homebased online business niche, with proven research, winning business ideas, and affordable resources. Subscribe free: http://netprofits4beginners.com/subscribe.html

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