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There's Nothing Magic About The Internet
By Darrell Finkeldei

As exciting and full of possibilities as it is, there is nothing magic about the Internet. Putting a business on the Internet does not magically make it successful.

The Web is just another avenue on which to conduct business. And doing business on the Web carries with it most of the same demands that offline businesses have.

For long term success you still have to build customer trust, customer support, provide quality goods or services, take phone calls, make phone calls, practice good business ethics, and a hundred other things.

You must realize that it takes time, commitment, patience, and money to create a successful Internet business. Don't mislead yourself into thinking that it'll be any easier than a conventional job.

Many people look to the Internet for a "free and easy" way to wealth. Those who do are terribly disappointed to find out that business on the Web often takes more time, money, and involvement than the "9-to-5" they so eagerly want to leave.

The truth is that starting an Internet business is very similar to working your job. The difference is that you will likely work twice as hard with longer hours for a lot less pay!

The good news is that an Internet business still can be started with a lot less financial risk than almost any offline business. Although things are just beginning to change, "shoestring" start-ups are still possible.

Don't wait too long, though. In the not-too-distant future it may cost much more to start and maintain an Internet business. There is a trend towards charging fees for what many of us have taken for granted would always be free.

Fees for search engine listings, email delivery, and information are on the horizon. Those already making incomes from Internet business will see at least a little less profit. Those starting out will find they need more capital to survive long enough to see success.

While it's not magic, the Internet still offers some great benefits. Right now, things like instant FREE communication, instant FREE delivery of digital goods, inexpensive virtual space (as opposed to expensive "brick and mortar" rent), and automation of sales and administration still exist. And they should remain that way for several years yet.

Just keep in mind that these benefits were born out of the ingenuity and hard work of industrious and innovative people - NOT magic. The same ingredients that, if you apply them, will make your Internet business successful.

Darrell Finkeldei publishes "The Start Advisor" newsletter. Discover how to succeed in your PERFECT homebased online business niche, with proven research, winning business ideas, and affordable resources. Subscribe free: http://netprofits4beginners.com/subscribe.html

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