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The Art of Selling on The Web
by Michael Bosse

How to Turn Your Site Into a Conversion Ratio Rocket!

They are baffled day after day. Who? Businessmen and Entrepreneurs alike, who are now turning to the web in record numbers looking for new ways to reach their target markets. The problem they are running into is as old as the web itself.

How do you sell on the Web?

This is the question that is asked by both new and experienced marketers. From MLM to affiliate marketing to small business, we all come up against this seemingly impermeable wall at some point in our marketing careers. Until we answer this question success is out of our reach.

So where do we go from here? The answer is really not an answer, but more of an equation that equals success. The problem most marketers have selling on the web is that they do not fully understand the equation and so can never reach the answer.

The Equation.

Selling on the web is as simple as leading your prospective customer through the following process.

Capture Attention + Gain Trust + Recommend + Sell = SUCCESS!

Your customer needs to be brought through the process in that order. Many Marketers are trying to sell before they recommend and even before they have There prospects trust! This is a sure way to make ZERO sales. The success of this formula lies in human psychology.

The Psychology of Selling.

Before you can sell anyone else you must look into yourself and understand how you are sold. The "Art of Selling" can be described as such:

The act of connecting people with the products or services they want and need.

That's it! And so we see that we are not actually "selling" per say, but instead we are trying to FIND and TARGET the people who are in need of your business! This is a very important distinction. If you don't believe me try to sell a toupee to someone with a full head of hair. See what I'm saying? It's much easier to target people who are in need of your service, than to sell to those who don't.

Capture Attention.

We capture the attention with a headline. The headline of this article is "The Art of Selling on The Web." Do you think you would have bothered reading it if it was titled "The History of The Rocking Chair"? Most people wouldn't, unless you have a specific interest in rocking chairs.

Gain Trust.

After we capture the attention of our prospects and draw them to our site, we need to gain there trust. If they are immediately accosted by a sales pitch they are likely to click away. This is why we first gain there trust by offering them subject related content. Find as much information on your sites given subject and offer something of value to your reader. A view point, articles, resources, anything that will benefit your customer. It doesn't have to be unique as long as it fills the immediate need of your customer by supplying them with the information relevant to there interest.


Placing links on your page is one way to get some buys, but not as effective as a personal recommendation from you. Remember, your reader now trusts you to some degree since you didn't sell to them immediately, but instead gave them something of value, i.e. the content of your site. Not only does this create trust in your reader, it also makes you out to be an expert in the field! And so your recommendation carries that much more weight, and is not viewed as a sales tactic. This is why this equation works so well!


The last thing you need to do is send you reader to the page with your product. This page should carry your product and the list of amazing benefits that are in store for your customer. Your Ad Copy has to "sing" to your prospect in "soothing tones", letting them know that everything will be ok once they buy this "answer to all your prayers" product or service. Build a picture in their mind of exactly how they will benefit from your product or service and offer as much proof as possible. Testimonials are the most powerful form of proof.


Now sit back and watch your conversion rates SKY ROCKET! This is a surefire way to bring your customer from prospect to buyer in no time flat.

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Michael Bosse is an avid student of Home Business Marketing Tactics & Human Psychological Response. He has recently begun turning his findings over to the marketing community in the form of articles, in hopes that all his fellow marketing brothers might benefit and help to revolutionize the face of the net. http://www.sitesell.com/helpmy.html

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