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Benefits To Internet Relationship Management
by Livvie Matthews

There is a new, rapidly expanding revolution sweeping businesses worldwide. New technology by way of the Internet is forcing major changes in marketing strategies.

As a result, businesses are racing to shift gears from their "mass marketing" strategies of days gone by, to today's more competitive strategy of "one-to-one marketing", also known in the business world as customer relationship management.

So what does this have to do with the Internet? Or maybe you are thinking, "How does this apply to me. I don't even see or talk to my customers, it's all automated."

The Internet has become THE Business world and both "worlds" have the same bases...people . Without people there is no "business" or "Internet" and with the accelerating challenges facing online businesses daily, the Internet has definitely become a "business"... a HUGE business!

The business world has never experienced such a bombardment of progressive changes as just within the last eight years. Eight years ago Internet terms... domain names, e-mail, e-zines, online ...were almost unheard of. Web sites and web addresses, which were rarely mentioned then, are common place, even mandatory, today!

Competition on the Internet has never been stronger and with no end in site. Even the "free" services are vanishing and becoming "fee" services.

Most critical challenges facing Internet businesses today...How do you market new customers, retain customers of record (with all the outside influences) increase traffic and online sales, and decrease click throughs and unsubscribes while building a profitable online business?

Internet relationship management (target), online business strategies to help you manage more long term, profitable Internet business relationships.

Every online customer has different needs and brings different value to your business. You need to learn specific information about each customer to be placed with-in specific category groups that will allow you to respond to different (target) customers...differently. In other words...Know Your Customers!

Internet relationship management introduces online businesses to the dynamics of customer focused online business strategies organized around providing customers with....Absolutely Outstanding Services!

What is the true value of the customer information you already have in your business? How would you calculate and organize the value to your information in order to see a much deeper and larger picture based on individual customer relationships?

After all, the cost associated with retaining existing online customers is substantially lower than cost associated with marketing new customers.

Are you "listening" to your customers? Your services should come from listening to what your customers have to say. Ask for testimonials, ask questions, poll-survey your readers and customers as to what THEY want to see and products they want to purchase. Fit the product to the need, not the need to the product!

Your web site should be a high quality marketing service....a reflection of your business and of you... and remember, it's always the customer who defines "quality"! How does your customer define the "quality" of your business?

Internet relationship management ensures your business presents an overall outstanding (quality) experience for your online customers based on the customer experiencing exceptional quality business services......

Your Absolutely Outstanding Services!

Livvie Matthews offers a complete line of services ranging from the do-it yourselfers, to consulting and joint venture services, to full writing and production services for people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building their biz! Check out http://www.simplebizpublications.com and Market Your Goldmine! 

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