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Dispel The Myths And Find Success

By Elizabeth McGee

The internet has literally redefined the lifestyles of every man woman and child on the planet. With a mouse and a modem you can find love, pay bills, do your homework, and shop Ďtil you drop. The world is at your fingertips.

With all of the opportunity the internet has to offer itís no wonder that thousands of new businesses have emerged. The internet has become the ideal place to market whatever anyone has to offer and has created one of the biggest home business opportunities of the century. Thousands of people who otherwise may not have been able to start a business are getting their chance.

The internet has made the dream of owning a business attainable. Products are easy to use, advertising is relatively cheap, customer service has been perfected and research is at your fingertips. So why is it that 98% of internet business fail or are unable to provide business owners with a substantial income?

Itís easy, itís free and I can get rich quick.

Donít be fooled. Building a success isnít easy. It takes careful planning and effort. You need to spend time at it and research carefully. As with anything worthwhile it will take time and ambition.

Itís not free but the costs can be minimal. When compared to other business startups it can be much cheaper. You have no office space or warehouse leasing to consider and computer and internet hookups cost about as much as it would for cable TV.

There are ongoing costs such as computer maintenance, software, education and advertising. These certainly arenít huge costs but you will need to plan for them in the beginning in order to avoid surprises in the end.

Donít fall into the Ďget rich quickí trap. There is no such ideal and following those that profess it will only lead to disappointment. Your business will take time, research and effort. However, if you follow the lead of those that are trusted and experienced and strive to be patient and persistent, you will be rewarded with a successful business that will ultimately provide you with wealth. OK, now that you know you know you have to work at it, itís not entirely free and you wonít get rich quick, donít let that discourage you, simply dispel those notions.

An internet business is entirely doable if you focus on the right things. Build your business with your customer in mind. Learn to scope out problems and then bombard them with solutions. Be responsive, caring and considerate. Understand that it takes money to make money. Consider all decisions carefully, listen to the experts and be persistent. If that isnít enough here are a few additional starters that are sure to make a difference:

Build Personal relationships Itís no surprise that personal relationships can build trust and friendships. Without these relationships there can be no trust or commitment. Owning an internet business works much the same way.

Just as with our family and friends the same relationships need to be built into our marketing strategies. When you build a website itís your opportunity to create these relationships. Your website will display your personality, style and creativity. You can be compelling, build your argument, offer expertise and information and invite feedback.

Once youíve built a relationship of trust and understanding your marketing efforts can begin to unfold into profitable sales. However until those relationships are established your marketing efforts can be compromised.

Create Community Consider adding a forum to your website. Forums are excellent tools for inviting feedback and creating a sense of community among its visitors. It lures people of like interests to gather together and discuss topics and issues. People often feel at home using forums and exchange information freely. Itís a great way to build friendships and trust.

Solicit a survey and post your results in a newsletter or article. If people feel they can be heard they are more likely to respond positively. They will also provide good information as to what they are looking for, enabling you to more completely meet their needs. Capitalize on cheaper advertising Advertising is a fact of life in the world of business. You wonít succeed with it. Internet advertising is still relatively cheap compared to outside advertising methods. Search engine Pay Per click (PPC) advertising is still one of the cheapest and most effective methods available to get the word out. You can still place an ad on some search engines for as cheap as one cent.

Newsletters are also an excellent form of advertising. Here you are getting subscribers that are interested in you and your products. You can combine good quality information to readers while at the same time offer products of interest.

If you like to write, articles are an excellent way to go. If youíre not a writer, no problem, here are many experts that offer easy tools to help you get your message out there. We all have areas of expertise but realizing what we are not experts in and letting those that are experts help us is smart business.

Offer to exchange ads with other newsletters. This is another excellent way to get some free publicity and also help someone else.

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Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry. She has moved her expertise to the world wide web helping businesses find trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and increase sales. You can contact Elizabeth at mail@pro-marketing-online.com or visit her website at http://www.pro-marketing-online.com

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