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The Information Age and Making Money!
By Livvie Matthews

The Internet is the most powerful and most incredible marketing device ever invented plus it's the most cost effective!

We live in the "Information Age" and travel down the information super highway. Everybody wants information, they want it now and they are willing to pay for it.

As a result, information is the hottest product on the Internet! To verify this just go to Yahoo, Google, Topica and Smart Groups and do a search on the different groups listed.

It doesn't matter what you want to research...there is a web site, ezine or group on your specific item searched. Everybody wants information!

For the first time in history, with the use of the Internet, you have the opportunity to make money world wide using your web site or ezine! This means you are not confined to just a specific local storefront area to market your products and services. You have a global storefront!

Are you beginning to get the picture? Let me expand on this.

You don't need any specific license to start your business, you can sell any service, product or information Globally and it can be done from the comfort of your home, using your own computer and you can even have fun while you do it!

All of this was unheard of even 10 years ago. Today the Internet has made it possible to run a business making thousands of dollars out of the corner of a room!

With the help of a Web Site, Autoresponders, e-Zines, e-Mail, quality Information and Networking you can become a successful global business owner!

Web Sites:

Your web site is your "storefront". It is your customers first impression of your business and you. And remember the old saying..."You only get one chance to make a good first impression!"

Offer outstanding information and customer relations. Make your web site easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy to order. Help your viewer/customers to have a quality visit at you site!


Autoresponders allow your business to operate on a 24/7 schedule 365 days a year. They can be used for everything from setting up your sales letters and responses, to taking surveys, to sending out notices of new products offered. All of this is going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


e-Zines are one of the most powerful elements in the operation of your global business. e-Zines offer you the opportunity of gathering subscribers/customers for announcing new products, keeping your name in front of your readers and a continual marketing tool.

There are sites offering free ezine templates and many sites offering "free-content" articles for placing in your ezine.


Make answering your e-mail a priority! e-Mail to the Internet business is like the telephone to the traditional business...it is the lifeline!

Answer all inquiries within 12-24 hours. Be as helpful and as personable as possible, remember you are building relationships and even though your customer doesn't actually see you, they see and hear you in your responses to their e-mails.

You determine what they "see". Do they see "friendly, enthusiastic and confident" or do they see "distant, mechanical and cold"?


As stated above, information is the hottest product on the Internet! Information comes in a variety of ways, but two specific ways come to mind. Writing articles and offering quality information products and e-books.

Writing articles is the most powerful form of advertising and is by far the best business-building resource on the Internet! You share your knowledge, experience and expertise and in return you receive ...free publicity!

In addition to establishing you as an "expert" in your field, writing articles gives you author status which offers other opportunities and benefits within itself....free!

Information products and content is another excellent way to establish your business. Look for information products that offer benefits to your buyers such as "how-to" products.

e-Books on how to build a web site, start an ezine, increase traffic, write articles, market their business or how to create their own information products.

Networking (building relationships):

There are many things you will do along the way to building your business in the "Information Age", but few will have the impact on your business as that of building relationships (networking).

Because of the automated and virtual world of the Internet you must build relationships with your viewer/customers. They want contact and contact builds relationships and relationships builds customers...repeat customers!

No matter how good your product is, your customer will rate the quality of your seravice based on... how you treated them, how you handled their order, how you resolved their problem and what benefits they received as a result of doing business with you!

In summary the Internet, depending on how you look at it, is the greatest business invention since sliced bread.

But how you present your business, your services and yourself is what builds your reputation and establishes you as reliable and trustworthy. Two of the main ingredients needed in..... The Information Age and Making Money!

Livvie Matthews offers a complete line of services ranging from the do-it yourselfers, to consulting and joint venture services, to full writing and production services for people interested in creating information products, niche marketing and building their biz! Check out http://www.simplebizpublications.com and Market Your Goldmine!

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