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Tips on How To Write a Sales Letter
By Peter Britka

Do you think a web site that contains only graphics could sell something?

Probably not.

On the other hand. Do you think a web site that contains only plain text without any graphics could sell a product?

Definitely. We just discovered that WORDS SELL!!!

If you want to sell anything on the internet, you have to have a good sales letter. Keep reading to discover how your letter should look like in order to make a sale.

1. Use Catchy Headlines

Many of us have a habit that they do every morning. Some people get up and first thing they do is that they go outside and water their flowers. It's something they do automatically.

I also have a habit. Every morning I buy a newspaper and read it. I am sure, many of you do the same.

I start reading the news. I don't have too much time, so I have to do it quickly. I read "somebody named XY did this and somewhere happened that" in the headlines. I see stuff like this every day and I am not interested in it. Conclusion: I will not read the article further.

But then, something catches my attention. It says something like "Discover what other do and you don't?" Conclusion: I start reading further.

The same principle that works in newspapers, works also online. If you want to sell anything on the internet, you have to catch reader's attention right in the beginning, or you'll lose him.

Now, you have a catchy headline and we are going further.

2. What To Write About.

When you still don't know what you should write about, take a little pause and summarize benefits of your product. The most important question is: What's in it for your customers? List at least 5 benefits and write a few lines about them. I am sure you can do it.

3. Write just like you talk.

If you think you can't write a good sales letter, I'll tell you that you are totally wrong. If you can talk, you can write a good letter. Write just the way you would talk to somebody over a coup of coffee, or beer. Remember, your customers are people just like you and they are sick of all the telemarketers they see on the TV every day. I am sure they rather talk to friends. So, try to be friendly to them.

4. Write To One Person.

You probably feel better when somebody is talking exactly to you and not to somebody else at the same time. So, personalize your letter. In the beginning, use salutation. Use his/her name in the body a few times ("Friend" is enough) and wish all the best in the end.

5. Use Action Words.

In the text, use action words. Those are the words that make you do something. Use words like "stop, follow me, check this out, listen". These words not only make you take the action, but they also catch your attention.

6. Keep Your Sentences And Paragraphs Short

It's extremely hard to read text on the computer, so make it easier for your customers. Use short sentences (even one word in some sentences) and divide them into paragraphs. When somebody sees a long paragraph he/she pretty much feels annoyed of it and does not pay too much attention.

7. Put Your Links Inside The Text.

One important thing at the end. When you are promoting a product, put several links inside the text that take people to the order page. You need to remind your customers about the product all the time. And don't forget to show a price with it. Believe me, if you don't put the links, you'll lose some of your customers.

Stop now! Take a piece of paper and start writing your sales letter. Just follow these steps and you should write your letter in a short time. Don't forget to re-read it after it is done.

I wish you a great success.

Peter Britka offers an ebook named "4 Secrets of Successful Home Based Business" that helps people who want to start a home based business and need a product or service to sell. You can check out his site at: http://www.4-secrets-of-successful-home-based-business.com

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