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So You Want To Do Business On The Net, Do You?
by E-SAC Ann

If you want to succeed on the Internet, there are certain things you need to do and you need to do them in a certain order. They are:

1. Know what it is you love to do. People tend to do better in their own businesses if they love what they are doing.

2. Pick, or buy, a domain name that goes along with your business. This is how people and search engines will find you, so choose a name that includes your product or service.

3. Build a simple, but professional, web site strictly for your business. Graphics are nice to look at - once - but people will get aggravated if they have to continually wait for them to download. Don't aggravate your customers.

4. Have a newsletter geared toward your business. A newsletter gives you credibility. Don't ask why. It just does. People perceive you as an expert if you can send them little tidbits of information every so often about your product or service.

5. Set up autoresponders. These are what make your web site automatic. These are what's being used by those people who brag about how their sites sell even while they're sleeping. Now you know. They can't lord it over you any more.

6. Start advertising. This one's the clincher. You have to send out your beacons, babe, if you want people to know you're here. Otherwise, it'll be like a blind seeing eye dog. They won't be able to find you.

It's not all that difficult to advertise. There are plenty of free places to set up your ad if you can't afford to buy. You get better results if you buy but you can get a good start with the free places. Do a search on the net for free advertising and go from there.

But if you want really good free advertising, write articles. Write them to educate people and send them to like-minded newsletters. Send them out far and wide and not just on the net, either. Send them to newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Sounds far fetched but, hey. If it works.......

That's all it is. Sound like a lot of work? Wait 'til you get started. Good luck.

E-SAC Ann's articles can be found on her web site www.e-sac.com/gold.htm Also to be found there are the places where you can find all the help you need.

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