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The Building Blocks of a Successful Ebusiness
By Darrell Finkeldei

Building an online business is a lot like a mason building a block wall. Lay the blocks on sand using bad mortar and the wall will crumble and eventually fall.

But, build it on a solid foundation using quality blocks and good mortar, carefully laying each in place one-by-one, and the wall will stand indefinitely.

Think of building your Internet business the same way. First, you should build on a solid foundation. Your foundation will be your area of knowledge or expertise. Something you are passionate about.

Once the foundation is laid, you'll start laying the building blocks of your e-business into place. Your blocks will be exactly the same ones that every other successful Internet business owner used to build theirs. Only the mortar will be different. That's because YOU are the mortar. You are the unique glue that holds all the blocks of your business in place.

And, unlike a mason who can lay hundreds of bricks every day, you'll first need to learn about each of the building blocks of e-business before you start laying them into place. And you'll need to lay the first few in a certain order to get started right.

The good news is that there's only a handful of blocks you'll need to learn about. No need to ever be overwhelmed or intimidated. Anyone can build an e-business. Simply build your business one block at a time.

So, what are the blocks? Simply put, each block is a certain skill or tool that you'll learn to use. As you build your business you'll use the same ones over and over again. And each time you use one you'll learn more about it. As you lay these blocks into place as you need them, they'll interlock into a solid business.

Here's the blocks in their proper order:

Block #1 - Understanding & Using Email

You'll need to learn how to connect with your readers and how to communicate your passion and excitement. You'll also need to know how to make your email messages look professional through the use of a text editor.

Block #2 - Publishing a Newsletter & Building Your List

This block is an absolute must for building a successful business and goes hand-in-hand with Block #1.

Block #3 - Developing or Acquiring Your Own Products

To make REAL money online you need to have control over exclusive products or services. Whether of your own creation or something you bought the rights to.

Block #4 - Your Own Web Site

This is your constant presence on the web. A place to build your subscriber list and a place for visitors to be introduced to and buy your products.

Block #5 - Promotion

Effective promotion strategies bring more visitors to your web site and make a name for your business. This is a skill you'll learn over time.

Block #6 - Internet Advertising

Here's where you learn to introduce new products, increase your sales and expand your name recognition.

Starting an online business is simply a matter of tackling each one of these basic building blocks one at a time. Don't worry about being great at any of them in the beginning. Once you start laying each block into place and using them over and over again, you'll develop and fine- tune your skills as you go along.

Darrell Finkeldei publishes "The Start Advisor" newsletter. Discover how to succeed in your homebased online business niche, with proven research, winning business ideas, and affordable resources. http://netprofits4beginners.com/subscribe.html

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