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50 Quick Biz Tips for Creating a Successful Website Business!
By Wild Bill

This article lists 50 quick tips on things you can do to make your web site more successful. Of course you may not be able to do them all, and I'm sure there were more I could have squeezed in there, but these 50 will start you down the right path.

1. Offer Freebies to visitors to link to your website

2. Create a community, offering Freebies to subscribers only.

3. Provide Original Content and Free Stuff.

4. Create and offer your visitors a Free ebook.

5. Offer Free (online or email) classes or seminars.

6. Hold Contests with Prizes.

7. Offer visitors Free software downloads.

8. Offer Free services online.

9. Offer Free consulting.

10. Offer Web Site Awards.

11. Offer Free Web Pages on your site.

12. Set up Links to web sites that provide useful information or services to your visitors.

13. Keep up on link and site maintenance.

14. Join affiliate programs that compliment, (but do not conflict) with the purpose of your web site.

15. Maintain a visible persona with your visitors.

16. Stay focused on your Business Niche.

17. Answer email inquiries as much as possible.

18. Sign up for an online messaging system.

19. Be Friendly and Helpful.

20. Network and stay in touch with other professionals.

21. Hold "Real Life" Gatherings or Seminars to promote better networking relationships.

22. Inquire about and create joint ventures.

23. Install Bulletin Boards.

24. If you have the traffic to support it, Install a chat room.

25. Create Interactive Forms offering you a way to send them an Autorespond with Advertising.

26. Create Voting Polls or Questionnaires.

27. Create Informational and Searchable Directories, web sites or information.

28. Offer Daily (or weekly) Tips related to your business and site.

29. Set up a Classified Ads or FFA Submission Page.

30. Ask your visitors for feedback, suggestions and complaints.

31. Use Testimonials and Endorsements from previous customers and visitors.

32. Create Targeted Ad Copy and Attention Getting Headlines.

33. Check you site with different browsers.

34. Write and Submit Articles that ties into your business.

35. Start a Newsletter.

36. Swap Free Ads with other Newsletters for more exposure.

37. Form or Join a Web Ring.

38. Join Respected Online and Offline Organizations.

39. Participate in newsgroups, bulletin board and email discussion lists.

40. Market your web site and/or business offline.

41. Keep your site current on as many search engines and related directories.

42. Create and Sell your own product(s) or service(s).

43. Set up an Affiliate Program for your product.

44. Accept Credit Cards through either a merchant account or online agency.

45. Create Backend Products to promote to current customers.

46. Know and Keep Tabs on your competition.

47. Watch for New, Innovative products, and launch strong promotion campaigns as fast as possible.

48. Use well-written Signature File Advertising for your email messages.

49. Maintain good records of receivables and payables offline.

50. Hang in there. Most business failures are due simple surrender. Don't Give Up Too Easily!

I sincerely hope that these 50 tips help guide you to a more successful Internet presence!

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