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Internet and Internet Business Articles

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Recent Additions

Ten Marketing Pitfalls
If you want to make it big in Internet Marketing you need avoid some common mistakes. Here's a list of the top ten Pitfalls that catch out beginner Marketers (and many established ones too!).

Dispel The Myths And Find Success
The internet has made the dream of owning a business attainable. Products are easy to use, advertising is relatively cheap, customer service has been perfected and research is at your fingertips. So why is it that 98% of internet business fail or are unable to provide business owners with a substantial income?

3 Reasons Your Website Might Fail To Attract Enough Customers
Three simple steps you can avoid to get more people to find your website.

5 Things About Offshore Asset Protection Every Internet Marketer Should Know
A brief introduction to some of the most popular tools of offshore asset protection and how they can be used by online business people and internet marketers like yourself to protect and grow your business.

Top Seven Tips for Making Thousands of dollars instead of Losing Hundreds of dollars  on the Internet
Have faith in your self! maintain a high degree of integrity, help others whenever you can and except help when it is offered. Every persons success begins with a dream, have big dreams and settle for nothing but big Success. Don't procrastinate. Take action.

Back to the Basics: How to Successfully Start an Online Business
If you begin with a solid foundation, you increase your chances of success. With that in mind, I’d like to share some of those truths with you now in an effort to help you get started on the right foot.

Ten tips for choosing a good domain name
What makes a good domain name? Well, it's a subjective issue, of course, but here are ten tips to point you in the right direction.

Growing Your Business In CyberSpace
A synopsis of Philippa Gamse's Presentation to the National Speakers Association, Washington DC chapter on Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Art of Selling on The Web
Selling on the web is as simple as leading your prospective customer through the following process. Capture Attention + Gain Trust + Recommend + Sell = SUCCESS!

Choosing A Business Model For Your Online Business
Whether you already have an online business or would like to start one, developing a business model is a must. A business model spells out how you are going to generate revenue from your business.

So You Want a Website... Diving into the Internet Ocean Without Getting Drowned
Whether your company's just venturing onto the Internet, or you want to update your existing site, this article gives you some proactive tips to help you choose a competent designer and get the site you want.

Mini Site or Content-based Web Site?
Are you in a dilemma whether to create a mini site or a content-based web site for your new product or service? Is a mini site with a few pages enough or should you spend more time and create a content-based web site which contains many pages?

How Information Overload And Internet Gurus Can Sabotage Your Online Success
o one has the secret formula to online business success. What works for one, will not necessarily work for you. Most people realize this after a few months and certainly after a year or two online. No individual has the ultimate success formula.

3 Special Benefits Every Customer Wants from You
Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits. But you're losing sales if you don't automatically provide all 3.

The 6 Basic Rules of E-Commerce
How can you expect people to buy your product, if you don't tell them about it??

Do You Feel Overwhelmed Running A Web Business?
I certainly have my own techniques for time management, but I asked for feedback from other entrepreneurs. Here's some of their solutions.

The Amazing Website Makeover For Dramatically Increasing Sales!
By getting your website at a better conversion, you can always make more money with the traffic you have. 

Little Things That Mean a Lot
In looking for ways to be heard over the Internet's noise and be remembered, think subtle, personal and realistic. It only takes small things: things that impress big and cost little. These are the things that count.

And The Internet Went Boom!
To be successful in the Dot.com scheme, you must also add an equally important factor to -- right time, right place which is; with the right tools and knowledge.

At the Cutting Edge of the New Frontier of Cyberspace
NOW is an ideal moment in history to look with fresh eyes at the kind of society we want to create, in a world, where knowledge is replacing the old sources of wealth and power as the driving force in the world's most successful societies.

The Global Concept of Web Development
Web development is quite complex, because there are so many disciplines involved. It takes some skills to build a web site that delivers exactly what you want, with a good layout and with community building. And you need to know technical aspects as well as research and marketing, promotion, writing, etc.

Don't Do A Little Bit of Everything with Your Web Site
Years ago, Peter Drucker wrote: "Concentration is the key to economic results. Economic results require that managers concentrate their efforts on the smallest number of activities that will produce the largest amount of revenue...No other principle is violated as constantly today as the basic principle of concentration. Our motto seems to be: let's do a little bit of everything."

You And Amazon.Com
To the degree your site reflects major mistakes made at Amazon.Com, your business is at risk, just as is their's. Niche marketing is what it's all about. Amazon succeeded in this big time. Then forgot the rules. Have you made the same or a similar mistake?

7 Quick Tips for a More Profitable Internet Business
With billions of web pages and countless email messages, building a successful business on the Internet is hard work. Many entrepreneurs seek to create a 'full-time' income yet find that making just a few sales is still a struggle. Have you ever looked at your online earnings and wished you could do better? If so, then it's time for a change. Doing the same things will give the same results! Here are just a few suggestions for building your online business.

The Importance of an e-Business Strategy or Look Before You Leap!
You would never take a football team into a game without a “game plan”, and it’s only a game. So why would you embark your company on something as important to its future existence as an e-business initiative without a clear cut “game plan” or strategy? Yet recent studies show that almost 60 percent of businesses that were doing e-business were doing so without having a clearly articulated and well-documented e-business strategy.

How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?
To make money online requires as much work, if not more than you're presently putting in at your nine to five. Not just work, it also requires tons of study. How can expect to beat the online new business failure rate if you're not willing to learn what it takes to succeed.

The Birth of a Successful Internet Business - Essential Software
An essential part of running a successful Internet business is quality software. Software will play a major role in your success. You must be willing to invest in the software you'll need to assist you in running your business. Several important software programs are discussed in this article.

Hiding Email From Spammers
It's a pretty sure bet that if you put your email address on your website, the spammers will eventually grab it right off your pages. How do you allow your visitors and customers to get into contact with you, without opening yourself up to a deluge of spam?

Don't Envy The Guru - Become One!
Who says you don't have what it takes to be a guru? Who's to say you couldn't become 'the expert' in a more specialized niche? If you think about it, you'll realize that you probably already have the knowledge inside you. Get ready to unleash the guru within!

The Information Age and Making Money!
The Internet is the most powerful and most incredible marketing device ever invented plus it's the most cost effective! We live in the "Information Age" and travel down the information super highway. Everybody wants information, they want it now and they are willing to pay for it. As a result, information is the hottest product on the Internet!

Web site strategy #1. "Buy or Goodbye"
Mini-sales web-sites are the most cost effective way to establish web presence. We are giving insider look on this issue. All close details concerning how, when and why are discussed in this article.

Create a Successful Web Site
Here are tips on how to create and sustain a successful Web site.

The 10 Success Basics For Your Online Business
There is no such thing as failure. You have to take action to do what people call "failing." If you take action you'll learn something. If you apply what you learn then you didn't fail and you learned a way to not get where you want to go. You learned something you know to not do again.

What Do The Successful Web Sites Have In Common?
Most successful "Home Grown" websites have several characteristics in common.

Benefits To Internet Relationship Management
There is a new, rapidly expanding revolution sweeping businesses worldwide. New technology by way of the Internet is forcing major changes in marketing strategies. As a result, businesses are racing to shift gears from their "mass marketing" strategies of days gone by, to today's more competitive strategy of "one-to-one marketing", also known in the business world as customer relationship management.

Gartner's Top Ten Predictions for IT in 2003

The Playing Field Is Tilting
The playing field which is the Web was never really level. But now the tilt is more pronounced, and likely to increase. We can still win, but we must position ourselves properly to do so.

What Should I Sell On My Site?
Far too many people make the mistake of trying to sell only products that they like on their web sites. Others make the mistake of trying to sell only the coolest and flashiest things they can find. The whole point of starting an Ecommerce web site is to make money. That’s something you must not lose sight of.

Tips on How To Write a Sales Letter
If you want to sell anything on the internet, you have to have a good sales letter. Keep reading to discover how your letter should look like in order to make a sale.

How to create a job you love on the web...
Not found a job you like? Maybe you need to create it! The concept may sound silly or overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into steps, you’ll see how simple it really can be.

The Building Blocks of a Successful Ebusiness
Building an online business is a lot like a mason building a block wall. Once the foundation is laid, you'll start laying the building blocks of your e-business into place. Your blocks will be exactly the same ones that every other successful Internet business owner used to build theirs. Only the mortar will be different. That's because YOU are the mortar. You are the unique glue that holds all the blocks of your business in place.

Starting an Ebiz: What Should I Do First?
Earning income on the Internet is NOT rocket science. Anyone who has a great enough desire can do it. And your success isn't dependent on skills you already have. Rather...your success is dependent on what skills you are willing to LEARN. The biggest question that most people face when getting started is "What do I do first?" The answer is...

There's Nothing Magic About The Internet
As exciting and full of possibilities as it is, there is nothing magic about the Internet. Putting a business on the Internet does not magically make it successful. The Web is just another avenue on which to conduct business. And doing business on the Web carries with it most of the same demands that offline businesses have.

3 Ways To Beat Your Competition
You will always have competitors. You cannot control their activity. But you can minimize their impact on your business. Here are 3 ways you can position yourself to generate sales with little or no competition.

Is Your Product Suitable for the 'Net?
Nothing can guarantee the success of a business. However, careful thought and research can help you to build a thriving online business.

Plan Your Web Site for Profits
Most businesses fail to plan for online success. Knowing your purpose, audience, and uniqueness are the first steps to developing a successful web site.

Don't Duplicate... Differentiate!
In the competitive marketplace of the new millennium, the demand for specialized products or services will increase. If your site sells everything or to everyone, chances are that your audience will not perceive any greater value in shopping from you than anyone else.

What do People Want Online? It’s not what you think it is...
People want to accomplish something online. The average Net user turns out to be a goal-oriented person interested in finding information and communicating with others – in doing something he or she set out to do.

Choosing a Winning Business Idea
Here are six tips to help you choose a winning business idea. However, before you decide what business you'd like to start, be sure to research it carefully. Knowing upfront how big the market is, who your competitors are and what your competitors are offering will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Effective methods of doing business online!
With all these dot com failures so rampant, you may question, is it still viable to consider an online venture? The truth is: while spectacular rise and fall of many dot com companies have been overly publicized, sales through Internet are still increasing by 20 – 25% each year. Even economic down turn of the recent years has not hampered this growth.

The importance of having your own domain name
This article tells you why you need to have your own domain name in order to get a high ranking in the search engines and to provide credibility with your customers.

Domain Names: A Double Edged Sword
There has been a lot said recently, about the need to have a domain name for your business but consider some of the following before you decide when, or if you need one.

Domain Naming for Prosperity
Great misconception about domain names has quickly spread over the web and seized a lot of minds of internet entrepreneurs. It is time to put things on the right track, presenting other side of the domain name "medal" as well as going through the "check list" of the proper domain naming.

Gain Fame Playing The Domain Name Game
Make your domain name stick in the mind more effectively! Uncover the five essential elements of a magnetic domain name in order to improve your visibility, boost your traffic and increase your credibility!

Web Site Redesign - From Stagnation To Rejuvenation
When surfing the Web these days, you often come across web sites that suffer from stagnation - they look old, obsolete or appear to have been designed by an amateur. Your web site needs continuous improvement to capture and engage your visitor's attention. Here are 12 steps to prevent web site stagnation.

I Found the Secret to Getting Rich on the Internet
I know everybody makes outrageous claims for quick Internet success.  Well I am going to tell you what that secret is and it won't cost you a dime.

Cherish Fear
Harness your fears, then give them free rein. If you listen closely, they will help you identify potential pitfalls. And if you really tune in, you can enhance your website so visitors linger rather than flee.

Tips For Beginning E-zine Publishers
Publishing an e-zine is a terrific way to increase your profits online by successfully staying in touch with your visitors, prospects, and customers. To help you get started on the right track, I've provided the following tips to help you successfully publish your own e-zine as well as help you successfully promote your e-zine once you begin. Full article.

The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly of Internet
If getting rich on the Internet was as easy as the many self-proclaimed experts claim it is, than almost everyone trying to make a living on the Internet would be rich. I have been marketing on the Internet for the last five years so I know how hard it is to make serious cash successfully on the Internet.

Internet Trends to Watch in 2003
This past year, we’ve begun to get a hint at what’s in store for us. You guessed it; we’re going back to where we started. You’ll be paying for the information you want on the Internet. Paying for services is not all bad news. If web site owners are able to generate income from their efforts, the quality of the offerings will improve, and there will be less and less reliance on advertising dollars.

The Big Marketing Myth - Even Little Red Riding Hood Was Smart
In the early days of the Internet, it was very lucrative to set up large web sites with many pages and sell banner ads to generate revenue. In fact, for some web sites, banners ads was the sole revenue source for the company or individual.

Are You Measuring Your KPI's?
If you could measure the activity within your business, you could manage it more efficiently and profitably. I cannot stress the importance of measuring the results of your business because it will lay the foundation for all the future decisions you will want to make.

Internet Country Code Extensions
Glossary of TLD- Top Level Domains. A list of all current country extensions is provided here.

Top Ten Lessons Learned in Internet Business
Since starting my Internet business back in 1997, I have learned many lessons along the way. These lessons have played a major role in my success, and I'd like to share them with you.

Your Content Could Be A Hidden Treasure
In the early days of the Internet, it was very lucrative to set up large web sites with many pages and sell banner ads to generate revenue. Many marketers and companies have walked away from these money losing web sites without realizing that there is still a potential to make money.

The ABCs of DSL 
Off line I compute at lightning speed. But on the Internet, I feel like I'm in s-l-o-w  m-o-t-i-o-n.  Enter DSL a high speed connection to the Internet.

Most Online Businesses Do Not Offer What Consumers Demand
Sure, there's lots of stuff for sale on the Web. And a consumer who knows exactly what they need and where to find it, may find buying on the Web convenient. But for the vast majority of consumers, the Web is too difficult to use. For one thing, required information is not available.

Ecommerce: Your Opportunities Are Unlimited
While the Web is already an astonishing happening, you haven't seen anything yet. The real revolution, and opportunities, remain beyond the horizon.

Are You About To Get Eaten? (Handling Competition on the Internet)
Competition online is fierce, and it's bound to increase. Those who cope with it will win out. Those who do not, will lose. In which camp does your business reside?

Great Content And Fish
In simple terms,  great site content is information your visitors want or need. It may be a set of drawings, maps, descriptions of how to do things, and so forth. The notion that content must be great prose is nonsense.

We Don't Work Here - We Just Make The Rules
If you are selling anything on line via credit card, this is information you must know.

50 Quick Biz Tips for Creating a Successful Website Business!
This article lists 50 quick tips on things you can do to make your web site more successful.

Go Vertical Or Bust!
Become a specialist, and provide a product and/or service so rare, or hard to get anywhere else-( that is in demand of course )- that you are practically the only one online that provides it!

So You Want To Do Business On The Net, Do You?
If you want to succeed on the Internet, there are certain things you need to do and you need to do them in a certain order.

Seven Simple Solutions to Success are not Secrets
Marketing on the net is one of the most rewarding challenges that you can ask for. Many people don't succeed. Are you one of the people that just can't seem to make it happen? Or, are you on the road up and now need some success secrets?

10 secrets to online success 
(its all about the customer)

You’ve got your web site online. You’re on top of the search engines. You have killer web site copy. Now all you have to do is wait for the sales to roll in right? Well … not exactly.

Are You Branded & Ready to Market on the Internet?
Paul Temporal points out that your image is not your brand. Modernizing your visual image (logo, design, collaterals) "won't effect a change in brand VALUES so the heart of the brand remains the same -- what it stands for or its personality." In other words, branding isn't a surface thing. Fiddling with your logo and web page is superficial. It won't change consumer perceptions of quality, service and the other intangibles that make them love you and keep coming back for more.

Offshore Development and the American IT
Is offshore development just a natural evolution of the economy, or is it an example of corporate greed destroying American jobs? It depends on whom you ask.

Your Online Business Needs More Work
To succeed in the online world, a substantial effort, dedication, patience and perseverance are required in order to reap the rewards in the long run. Below are ten important points to consider if you are serious about making your online business success a reality.

Seven Sure Fire Recipes For Internet Failure
Below are seven recipes for the surefire failure of your web site. The author shows you how to cure each of these faulty recipes underneath each listing.

Do You Have the Right Stuff To Build An Internet Business
Just knowing the principles about online marketing won't do you any good if you don't have the patience and persistence to put them to use in your business. It only matters what information you use!

10 Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name
What makes a good domain name? Well, it's a subjective issue, of course, but here are ten tips to point you in the right direction.

Does Your Small Business Really Need a Website?
Before you spend any money on a Web site ask yourself these questions. The answers will help you understand first, if you need a Web site, and second, how a site can enhance your business.

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