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A Non-stop Marketing Machine

By Katherine Vargo

What is the best way to market your company? How can you generate more sales? Use these ideas to develop your company's most effective sales tool, your web site.

Company Information: Provide information about your company and products
- List your products and services
- Display a map to your store location(s)
- List store hours
-Provide a company history

Marketing Showcase: Promote your company
- Press releases
- News articles
- Case studies
- Customer Testimonials

Customer Service Tool: Make it easier for customers to schedule appointments or fill-out applications or forms
- Calendar of events or activities
- Forms to download and print
- Surveys and customer feedback
- Online scheduling of services and appointments

E-commerce: You're always open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Sell products
- Sell your services with ebooks or how-to guides

Have it all. Combine any or all of these ideas to increase your sales and promote your company. Make your web site work for you.

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Katherine Vargo is a partner of Vargo Consulting Group, your computer lifesavers. Additional lifesaving articles are available at www.vargoconsulting.com/tips

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