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Successful Internet Marketing Web Page Design

by JY Zhong

A properly designed web page will lead you halfway to successful Internet marketing. There are many free web design software programs available online-FrontPage Express, PageBreeze, and CoffeeCup, just to mention a few. These freeware programs offer basic functions that are good for beginners. You can upgrade to an advanced version when you gain more experience. I will leave the technical aspect of putting up a web page to the software expert.

Successful Internet marketing is attributed to a few important points about web page design, which are discussed below.

A successful web page usually uses a plain white background. This is a common secret among successful Internet marketers. Look at Google and Yahoo. Their web pages are always plain and simple, with white background. This proven style is a shortcut to successful Internet marketing.

The look and content of your web site has to suit your target customers. To win the loyalty and trust of your visitors, you need to identify with them. A trading site has to look professional, whereas a hobby site targeting young people can be casual and fun, and a dating site should look romantic and loving. When the visitors feel comfortable with your site, they will revisit frequently.

Keep navigation of the web site simple. Avoid putting irrelevant information or products on the same site; this will confuse and frustrate your visitors. You have less than 10 seconds to draw the interest of your visitors before they decide to leave the site, therefore you need to make full use of this precious golden 10 seconds to sell your product. Offer focus and in-depth information surrounding the main theme of the site. Keep the title and first few lines relevant, and drive home the message you want to deliver. A well-written sales letter will urge the customers to read on and convince them to opt in to your list or purchase your products.

If your site is comprised of a few pages, add a catalog function to your page to make searching information systematic, direct, easy, and efficient. Catalog buttons allow visitors to find the information they want without going through the entire web site and make it more user-friendly. Always maintain consistency of style throughout all the pages to give a holistic feel.

The speed of loading your web site and downloading information are important. Online customers who are used to speed lack the patience to wait for your web site to load or download. They will leave the site if it does not appear within the tolerable waiting time, usually about 10 seconds. Always beta test your site before launching to identify and rectify problems. Choose software and formats that offer faster download speed.

Finally, projecting a credible image is the most important aspect of successful Internet marketing. Include a privacy statement at the opt-in box to offer comfort for readers to give you their email addresses and names. Use PayPal and ClickBank as payment modes to boost the credibility of your site and instill confidence in the customer during the purchase process.

A web site that adopts the above simple suggestions will lead to successful Internet marketing in a short time.

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About the Author:

Copyright (c) 2007 JY Zhong
JY Zhong is an Internet marketer who researches on successful Internet marketing strategies. For more information on Internet marketing, please visit http://www.successinternetmarketingpedia.com/home

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